5 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Small Business Should Be Doing

by | Jan 25, 2023

There are more marketing and advertising options available to small businesses today than ever before. By leveraging the power of the internet, digital marketing has opened up a world of opportunities for businesses to reach their target customers and build relationships with them.


The aim of Search Engine Optimization is to help businesses rank higher in local Google search results, thus driving more search engine traffic to their website. A good SEO marketer will conduct research to identify the words and phrases that consumers are using to search for your information online, and then incorporate those terms into the marketing efforts that they create for you.


Pay-per-click (PPC) is digital marketing that involves paying for advertisements and promoted search engine results. This type of marketing is a great way to quickly increase search traffic to a business online-BUT IT CAN GET EXPENSIVE.

PPC ads can be seen at the top and sides of a page of search results, while browsing the web, before YouTube videos, and in mobile apps. Once the payment stops, the ad will no longer exist, making it a great way to quickly boost visibility and reach potential customers.


Social media marketing is an essential part of any business’ success. Everyone is familiar with the concept, but to truly maximize its potential, marketers must take an integrated and strategic approach. This means going beyond simply creating posts and responding to comments. To be effective, efforts must be coordinated and consistent, and there are many online tools available to automate and schedule posts.

Social media marketers should also collaborate with the company’s wider marketing team to ensure that the message is consistent across all platforms, both online and offline. Additionally, analytics are a crucial part of social media marketing. Marketers must be able to analyze the performance of their posts and create strategies based on the data. It’s important to measure the success of current social media posts before continuing to implement a new strategy.


Content marketing is an effective way to increase brand awareness and build relationships with customers. Through storytelling and information sharing, content marketing provides value to the consumer and encourages them to take action, such as signing up for an email list or making a purchase. Content marketing works in tandem with other digital marketing strategies, such as SEO and social media, to create a comprehensive approach to marketing. Additionally, analyzing the analytics of content marketing can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.


Email marketing professionals not only know how to craft compelling campaigns, but they also understand optimal audience outreach and are adept at analyzing customer interactions and data, and making strategic decisions based on that data, as the American Marketing Association attests.

Marketers strive to improve email open rates – how many people actually opened the email – and click-through rates – how many people opened the email and then clicked on the link included in the email. 


As technology advances at a rapid pace, the popular social media app of today may be forgotten by tomorrow, yet the core principles of marketing remain steadfast. It is essential for digital marketers to remain in tune with the latest trends and developments in order to ensure that their strategies remain effective and relevant.

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