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Please read this post from our friend Sue Breen who is trying to help this beautiful pup named Bogey find a forever home.

Bogey is a five-year-old hound mix who needs a forever home. He’s lived with us for about three months, after a string of unfortunate owners. He requires an experienced dog owner who is willing to continue his rehabilitation, and a home with no young children. Likewise, he learned to cope with rough, disrespectful handling by biting defensively, and that’s why his last owner was going to put him down.

We find him to be non-aggressive by nature, and also quite teachable. He was never exercised, lived in a small trailer with other animals and kids, and was not trained. He has a very sweet nature, is teachable and wants to please, and is gaining lots of confidence. We hope someone will give him the chance he requires; free to the right home. 

Bogey is a sweet, loving, fun and energetic dog who would do well with a fenced yard and/or lots of exercise on-leash. He is well-behaved in the house, does fine when left for the work day without crating. He loves our other dogs, but might also be fine as an only dog. Not only that, but he learned to leave our chickens alone pretty well. We’re not sure about cats; we expect he could learn, but he’s also a hunting dog by breed, so that needs to be considered. He loves to play and go for walks, but also settles, snuggles and sleeps well.

He’s up to date on all veterinary needs. He also has recent allergy testing, and has some environmental allergies to work around. There’s evidence of past ear infections, but he has not had any ear issues since we got him, and is very good about having his ears cleaned. He weighs about 85lbs.

Our observations have led us to believe he resorts to biting when he is afraid. We have learned that if there’s a chaotic situation, we cannot grab his collar and pull because he will turn his head and snap. He’s very food motivated, so a treat works to get his attention, then we attach his leash, and guide him with the leash, no problem. We suspect people dragged him around roughly by his collar, and he learned to snap to get away. He also needs calm, confident leadership in new situations, so he won’t be afraid. We met with Dawn Allen, our trusted animal communicator, and she said he’s a very loving and kind dog who does not want to bite anyone. He’s not an “aggressive dog.” But he does need an owner who is willing to keep working on his rehabilitation to keep everyone safe. He reminds me of my horse, who, before I got him, was also about to be put down for being aggressive. Now that horse is calm, happy and safe enough for little kids to feed and clean his stall. I sense Bogey can make the same transformation.

I am so sad to look for a new home for Bogey because I really love him. But our dog Saint is not a good match for Bogey right now. Saint is exceedingly enthusiastic, gets Bogey worked up, and that’s just not safe for Bogey. Bogey would thrive with a confident, friendly, easy-going dog to be buddy and keep developing his calm confidence.

Please pass the word along to anyone you think would be a good fit, or contact me for more info.

Suzanne Breen
(617) 680-5564

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